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This piece was inspired by the dramatic play of light and shadow and the beautiful colors and textures it.revealed . I painted this to take to a wildlife workshop in Montana, and, while it did not originally show any actual wildlife, I just had to paint it.   As I was finishing this painting, I knew I needed to include an animal of some sorts. I decided I wanted to paint in a bee, but had no good reference photos, and don't paint from others' without permission. 

   So....I decided to walk out to the road to pick up the mail to give it more thought. As I walked back I looked down, and there on the sidewalk was a bee. The bee wasn't moving.  I saw it as  a gift and gently picked it up. The perfect reference is always from life. I was thankful. 

Every painting has a story.

sometimes you just have to stop and look. I mean really look at the beauty around you. 

bold colors, subtle transitions, the intricate play of light and shadow. 

Each one  a story - a breathtaking moment, a loving relationship, a close encounter and eyes you just can't resist. 

contact me if you'd like to commission an original work, animal or pet portrait. 

When the love of my life and I were first spending time together we used to go backpacking in the mountains of Utah. Mark and I came upon this magical scene early one morning as the sunlight rose over little Lake Washington, and danced over a multitude of white wildflowers. They seemed to sparkle in the morning light. It was magical.  Little did we know that several years after we were married we would make our home in the state of Washington. The original was given as a gift to dear neighbors from England. 

High Uinta Meadow, Soft Pastel Giclee Print 30 x 20

click on an image if you are interested in a canvas print. 

Lace Cap Hydrangeas, Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board. 16 x 12